Rakudo: Implementing Perl 6, in Perl 6, on Parrot

By Jonathan Worthington (‎jnthn‎) from Bratislava.pm
Date: Friday, 26 September 2008 17:50
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: English
Tags: 6 rakudo

Rakudo is a project to build a Perl 6 compiler on top of the Parrot virtual machine. The parser is written in Perl 6's own grammar/rules syntax - a little bit like regexes on steroids, but a whole load more readable. Then NQP, a subset of Perl 6, is used to implement the actions to transform the parse tree into an abstract syntax tree, which in turn is transformed into Parrot Bytecode by the Parrot Compiler Toolkit.

In this talk, I'll explore the Parrot Compiler Toolkit architecture that many people are using to work on Parrot-targeting compilers. I will then focus on how we're using it to build Perl 6, and give a glimpse into the progress so far and the development road map.