Third Russian Perl Workshop 2008 “South Perl”

What and When

Third Russian Perl Workshop “South Perl” is Russian Perl event which take place on November 2, 2008 in Rostov-on-Don.


The workshop is the third Russian Perl event in 2008. Russia is a huge country that's why it's so hard to discuss everything that had happened with Perl in Russia.
Perl workshops took place in Moscow, Kiev, Vladivostok and Minsk. South of Russia has been never involved in this process. Now it's time for Rostov-on-Don :-)


The venue for “South Perl” is provided by SFEDU Faculty of Mechanics, Mathematics and Computer Science, address is Milchakova st., 8a.


There are several Perl "celebrities" invited on the workshop, such as Andrew Shitov (organizer of several Perl events in the Cyrillic territory, the leader of, an owner of Perl6.Ru), Alex Kapranoff (head of Mail department at Rambler.Ru, the inspirer of Lightning Talks in Russia,, Ivan Serezhkin (developer of Yandex, and Pavel Kudinov (the team leader of online game Dozory.Ru, a search spammer,


Attendees are welcome free of charge. Even speakers. Official languages of the event are Russian and Perl :-) English-speaking people are also desired.

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South Perl. Photo

South Perl. Presentaions

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