YAPC::Russia 2008 “May Perl”

What and When

YAPC::Russia 2008 “May Perl” is the second Russian Perl event which took place on May 17 and 18, 2008 in Moscow.


Name “May Perl” is a play of words and not only means that the workshop will be in May but also the Theme of it. Main goal of the conference is to collect talks about what Perl may be used for and where it may be used in.


Venue for «May Perl» is provided by State University—High School of Economics, address is  1st Kirpichny pereulok, 5.


Attendees are welcome free of charge.

YAPC::Russia in blogs

“Well, and perl is definitely a rot through domain both in sence of programmers and of the market.”
Comment in ru_perl community

Prime sponsor

Company supports our events since the very beginning. Rambler is also a permanent venue provider for Moscow.pm monthly events.


ActiveState provided us a licence voucher for Perl Dev KIT, which will be a prize for one of attendees.

Venue sponsor

“Business in .RU-style” is a non-commercial club that hosts some events for those who is involved in Russian Internet.

Technological partners

ZSupport company, beeing a technological sponsor of leading Russian web-development conferences, provides Wi-Fi for the attendees and cares about its quality.

Masterhost company provides us several packages of one year VPS-hosting.


Read articles about Perl, Perl 6 and Rakudo in “System Administrator” magazine.

One of the leading Russian resource on Free Software / Open Source, GNU / Linux and other UNIX-like systems. Is known as a source of latest information both for professionals and beginners.

Respect to Agava company fot organizing one of the best meeting venue of Moscow.pm group.

If your company loves Perl, please become our sponsor. White to mail@perlrussia.ru for further information.

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Personas thanks to Michael Monashev